His House

Pentecost Restored

On the mount Moses stood in the glory cloud
Beyond the bounds the people stood to admire
So today on the few the fires of Pentecost still burn
Yet on the many only His gifts with no fire

Gifts of words and wisdom and power
There would appear to be no lack today
Yet we groan and we cry for Pentecost restored
Lord renew your works in our day

We have heard with our ears, our fathers have told
What great deeds you did yesteryear
We have read in our books of a standard held high
Yet we settle for too little I fear

You think that in Jerusalem they tarried in our stead
No need now to wait and to pray
Just go with winning words and evangelize
And for the fires gather more chaff and more hay

When the Spirit comes, Jesus said, He’ll convince men of Sin
But that was for then, not for now
Simply preach of the love that God has for all men
No need for their knees to bow

Let them come walking high in the swollen ranks of the joyful
By the broad way and wide gate
Try not to convince as the Spirit, were He here
Lest you or your Jesus they hate

No stones or lions or burning stakes
We’ve nothing to arouse their ire
For we live today an impossible dream
A Christianity that works without fire

Every generation must find in their day
Or go without as in ages before
So let us, even now, in our Jerusalem pray
Till from heaven true Pentecost He restore

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