His House

Prophetic Articles

What Does God Think of Donald Trump??? A Dream Feb. 2016

The Kingdom of Heaven Dec. 2009

Super God-Mart Nov. 11, 2006

Pitch a Tent for the Ark Nov. 1, 2006

David's Reign Dec. 2003

EAT! Feb. 2003

Sons of Light July 2002

Repair the Altar of the Lord Nov. 2001

Dream a Little Dream July 2000

Little Foxes Mar. 2000

Restoration of All Things Jan. 2000

The Tabernacle of David Nov. 1999

Today's Youth Sept. 1999

Choices for His People May 1999

Revival Assembly Jan. 1999
This prophetic allegory, which pertains to a specific church, reveals universal principles that are important to the entire body of Christ.