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Choices for His People

The Lord showed me that right now is a time of choices for His people. He is bringing very important choices before His people, and these choices will not only set the course for lives and churches, but will reveal heart motives.

God seems to be bringing His people to crisis, not only to give them an opportunity to chose Him and His way, but also to force them to choose outwardly what their hearts truly desire inwardly. Perhaps, God has never brought many of His people to such a crisis point, and therefore what He sees in their hearts has never been forced out, but that is about to change and is changing.

Many times we face cross-roads in our walk, and if we choose the correct path, we look back on that instance as one of the most important turning points in our lives: we build an altar there. However, when we choose the wrong path, many times we continue on without even recognizing that we have made any life choice at all. We simply continue on the same road. Because of this, we can make life changing and eternity changing choices without even knowing it. Such choices are usually made instinctively, like a "brute beast" or an animal (2 Pet. 2:12 NIV). Such choices (instinctive choices) are never choices that require death to self.

The choices that will be required of God's people in the coming days are choices that will reveal the true heart motives of individuals. To me, the most fearful thing about these choices is the fact that, for those who make the wrong choices, their motives will be revealed to God, to the cloud of witnesses, to the devils, and to those who have revelation, but not to the individual themselves. God will be faithful to warn those. However, their pride and desire to save their lives will not allow them to recognize the warnings or reproofs as being from God.

I believe the number one heart motive that will cause a person to choose wrongly is, of course, the desire to "save one's life." However, I believe the number one heart condition that will propel them in their error is pride. As Frank Bartleman traveled the nation in the early part of the century, the number one curse he found wherever he went was "spiritual pride - hiding our nakedness from God." The same is true today. Those who are in spiritual poverty see themselves as rich and in need of nothing because of spiritual pride. One reason for this is our great learning in this country. Knowledge without love breeds pride (1 Cor. 8:1), and this pride will cause many to make the wrong choices.

The purpose for these choices is to reveal true heart motives. The correct choice will usually appear to lead down a dark road, for the correct road will usually require death to self. Those who seek God's direction out of a pure heart; those who desire to please Him and be with Him will make the correct choices. Those who act instinctively by choosing the easiest path or the path that appears to preserve their life will make the wrong choice. Remember, the most innate instinct in any "animal", including the human species, is the instinct of self-preservation. Beware of instinctive choices. Men's hearts are about to be sifted out so that that which is truly inside may be made manifest.

In this time of choices, the real and underlying issue behind these choices will be choosing or rejecting God. The prize for choosing God will be His manifested presence and the opportunity to go on to a level in God previously unknown. The penalty for not choosing God will be spiritual death; a wondering in the desert. However, remember that because these choices will manifest hidden motives, the fact that one is making a choice between receiving or rejecting God will be hidden as well without revelation. Herein lies the danger of making choices based on what one sees or hears rather than on direction from God.

All of us make such choices in life, and God gives second chances for wrong choices. However, I feel we are entering a very critical time in which for many there will be no second chances before the coming flood hits, and the coming flood will bring a separation that will be very decisive.


  1. Beware of making any choices without seeking God, for leaning to one's own understanding reveals profound pride, pride that forces God to oppose you (Ja. 4:6). Wisdom is not something God deposits inside you so that you may act independently. Rather, wisdom causes you to seek God's direction in every circumstance.
  2. Humble yourself before God and others. The correct choices that you will be required to make will not exalt you but humble you.


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