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Pitch a Tent for the Ark

Nov. 1, 2006

Several weeks ago, the Lord spoke to me prophetically, and I shared with Tanya what He was saying about preparing a place for the ark and about bringing back the ark of God (2 Chron. Chpt 13, 15). This is nothing new to us, and yet it was new. His word then began to bring forth in our lives that which He spoke. His word that goes out of His mouth doesn't return to Him void, but accomplishes that for which He sends it. We have been having the most wonderful times in His presence every day, twice a day, three times a day. I feel something so new and so wonderful taking place. We are preparing a tent for the ark.

He is so wonderful. He makes me glad. I've finally found the happiness I once knew when I dwelt day and night in His presence during a time of revival. We are bringing back the ark of God little by little, and it satisfies our hungry souls to the utmost. He is all we need. We don't need the Broncos or jet skis or snowmobiles. We don't need Disney Land or the Epcot Center. We don't need Harleys; we have the ark of God, and He completely satisfies our souls.

Leonard Ravenhill used to say that entertainment is the Devil's counterfeit for joy. Oh, how true, and how wonderful to have the ark of God that brings true joy. I've heard of pastors who bring their Harleys to church and ride them out on the stage. That tells me one thing: they don't have the ark of God. If you have the ark, you don't need Harleys, or movies, or power-lifters, or comedians. He is all you need. Oh, how I long for David's reign to come in. Saul has been on the throne for too long! David will prepare a place and bring back the ark. That's what Tanya and I have been doing. Just preparing a place where He feels welcome, and Oh what glory! What wonder! What joy we've found in His presence! What a treasure, this ark of God! What a pearl of great price, this Jesus! My heart is overflowing!

How can I describe the beauty and wonder of Jesus? How can I describe the joy and utter satisfaction I've found in His presence? In His presence is fullness of joy. At His right hand are pleasures for evermore! I am a happy man!

The prophet spoke of a rock cut out without hands and this rock became a great mountain that filled the Earth. I feel we are a part of a day of small beginnings that will grow into the Kingdom of God - the mountain that will fill the whole Earth. Can you imagine? Oh, the wonder of the glory of God that we've found, and one day soon, the knowledge of this glory will cover the Earth as the waters cover the sea.

Do you hear His prophetic voice? Pitch a tent, prepare a place, and let's bring back the ark of God.

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