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Audio/Video Messages

Who is the Bride of Christ, What is Mystery Babylon, and What About the Rapture? 2021

The SARS CoV2 Pandemic December 2021 With Other Related Resources

Soteriology the Doctrine of Salvation Series 2016

The New Covenant Series 2013
This audio series is a examines the New Covenant, or the New Will that Jesus enacted through His death, burial, and resurrection. This is His will for all of us who are in Christ.

Eternal Torment and the Mystery of the Slain Lamb

How could a loving God condemn a soul to eternal torment in hell?

Let This Mind Be In You

A Christmas Message

Joseph a picture of redemption

Tend The Fire

The fire has gone out, and the church didn't know it.

Vision Part 1

There's quite a difference in seeing your inheritance in Christ, and in obtaining it. Don't think that because you see it, that it is yours.

Vision Part 2

Run So As To Obtain (Jerry Rice) RealAudio or MP3
Jerry Rice's passion for a corruptible crown is a mirror of the passion in those who run so as to obtain an incorruptible crown.

Laban and the Last and Greatest Reformation Series RealAudio or MP3
This three-part audio series is a prophetic word from the Lord describing what God is doing at this moment in the Earth, and it is revolutionary! This is the last and greatest reformation as God does not seek primarily to revive "the church", nor reform "the church", but rather, to call out of "the church" a bride, and the true church, or ekklesia (the called out ones) in order to build His House.

When I Survey The Wondrous Cross
There is a doorway to the treasure room that contains all the riches and wonders of the heart of God; a doorway to the place where the stones thereof are sapphires, and the dust thereof is gold - the doorway of the cross.

Corruptible Seed and the Coming Flood
Just as in the days of Noah, when God sent a flood to purge the mixed "seed" of a perverse generation, so, God is now sending a flood to purge the corruptible seed of a modern hybrid gospel produced by the church's love affair with the world.

Revelation Of The Cross
The revelation of the cross is the most needed yet lacking experience in the church today. It is the secret to ending a pilgrim's wandering in the desert and the secret to freedom from besetting sin.