His House

Articles by Leonard Ravenhill

Be Ye Angry And Sin Not
"I am angry also when I hear preachers crying with great emotion, "Help me clean up America," when they dare not try to clean up the Church -- riddled as it is with carnality and sensuality."

Are we willing to drink His cup?
"You see, there is no place in the whole wide world where you can put the Upper Room before the Cross. The Cross comes before the Upper Room, but we try to turn that around."

Your Day in Court
"I've thought about many things, but the most awesome, the most terrifying, the most shattering thought I've ever had, is my personal accountability to God one day."

John the Baptist and the Fire of God Part 1
"You never have to advertise a fire. Whether itís spiritual or a physical fire. The most self advertising thing in this world is a fire."

John the Baptist and the Fire of God Part 2

The Judgment Seat of Christ
"Will our life's work stand the test of the fire when we come before the Lord? Will it have lasting eternal value - or will it end up in ashes?"

Picture of a Prophet
"The prophet in his day is fully accepted of God and totally rejected by men."

Today's Sleeping Giant
"Alas that today there is more evidence of religious sensation before our eyes than evidence of spiritual regeneration and supernatural phenomenon!"

Weeping between the porch and the altar Part 1
"God's problem today is not communism, Mormonism, Moonism or any other "ism." God's problem is His church today. We are so worldly."

Weeping between the porch and the altar Part 2