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The Pandemic and Daniel's Ten Toes December 2021

What is in back of the SARS CoV2 Pandemic, and how does it relate to the ten toes of Daniel chapter two? The Pandemic is a part of a global agenda and the "vaccine" is meant to condition the behavior of the world population to cooperate with that agenda, which is trans-humanism. The ten toes of Daniel's image, that are partly of iron and partly of clay, speak of the union of the human body with the machinery by which human governments rule.
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Divine Image Destroyed – Christine Beadsworth (S. Africa) May 5, 2021
They have profaned the dwelling place of Your Name’ — there is no better description of what is happening worldwide in the human body than these words. And in every nation Believers are being coerced into taking the supposed health inducing jab. Is this not causing the ‘great falling away’ described in 2 Thessalonians 2:3? The totality of the scheme is to leave the 3rd temple desolate, destroyed, overtaken and subjugated to an ancient enemy who always coveted God’s throne and the worship of God’s Bride. Apostasia, the Greek for ‘falling away’, means ‘defection from truth’ and comes from Strongs G647, which means ‘to separate, the writing of divorcement’. How significant that a fragment of DNA writing is what separates or breaks asunder the record of God’s Name in the human DNA!

Spike protein inside nucleus enhancing DNA damage? - COVID-19 mRNA vaccines update 18
Short clip of an interview with two doctors regarding the shot - Late 2021.
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